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The horizontal structure of KSG with hierarchical independence and lateral operability of our global offices are fundamental to the organic core of the company. Each office in four different countries is independent in its operations and decision making authority but at the same time brings together the local value to form a globally coherent entity with one vision and one culture.


Company Overview

We conceive, design, implement and deliver integrated business processes and solutions that impact businesses by allowing them to deploy their business knowledge and business intelligence in the most effective way. Our in-house research and publications in Business Process Optimization (BPO), Software Process Improvement (SPI), Risk Management, Knowledge Engineering, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Genetic Algorithm (GA), Adaptive Systems, Natural Language Processing (NLP) Systems, Engineering Systems Optimization, Systems and Control theory and application, Engineering Structures and others, help keep us up to date with today's changing scenario in the information world.

We make it possible for your business to create unique value by application of Data Analytics, Internet of Things (IoT), Information Technology (IT), Machine learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques.

Company Highlights

  • Professional Services provider with offices in: Tokyo Japan, Hong Kong, Bengaluru (Bangalore) India, California USA, Sydney Australia.
  • Majority ownership by local shareholders and minority by Global KSG Inc.
  • Commenced operations in 2002.
  • Demonstrated competence in niche professional cunsulting services, core technologies organized along industry lines (vertical and horizontal).
  • Headed by renowned experts in Professional Services, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Risk Management, Computer Science, Software Process Engineering, Design Optimization and Internet of Things with considerable academic and industrial expereince.

About KSG in USA

  • Knowledge Solutions Group North America LLC (KSG, N.A.) is a registered California company. Based in Bakersfield, we were established to serve the emerging business boom in California´s Central Valley.
  • PM-Global North America (PMG, N.A.) is our Project Management service group and is an operating division of KSG, N.A. LLC. With over five decades of global project management experience, PMG, N.A. was launched to support High-Speed Rail (HSR) program and to assist the booming logistics industry throughout California.

Technoogy Consulting Offerings

  • Business Intelligence, Data Analytics
  • Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning
  • Blockchain and DLT Based Applications
  • Internet of Things (IoT): Edge Computing and Smart Sensors
  • Internet of Things (IoT): Platform Computing
  • Business Assurance Services (Internal Audit, IT Controls Audit)
  • Process Assurance Services (Cognitive Process Automation)
  • Product Assurance Services (Product Audit)
  • Quality Assurance Services (Quality Audit, Software CMMI, 6σ)
  • Social Media Analytics and Audience Targeting
  • PMO and Project Management Services
  • Business Performance Improvement Services, KPI and Maturity Metrics
  • IT Governance, SOX 404 and IT Compliance Services
  • Risk Advisory and IT Risk Mitigation Strategies
  • Customer Engagement Management (CEM, CRM) Analytics
  • Customer Value Management (CVM) Analytics
  • Structural Design and Optimization
  • E-commerce Strategy, Design and Implementation Services


  1. Knowledge Solutions Group is a global consultancy and professional services company with a history of delivering full complement of services from appraisal to assessment to implementation, to maintenance and continuous improvement, using global resources, optimized methodologies and time-tested standards:
  2. To be a truely global solutions company offering value creation by building business and customer strategies using data analytics to discover new market insights in our chosen areas of competence.


Our primary mission is to create new value for businesses using our core domain knowledge backed with business data, helping organizations to build and deploy intelligent solutions.

Our second mission is to provide leadership in building and using Knowledge Based Software and Information Technologies, to improve the value and quality of processes and people that depend on these software and technologies.


For a young company that we are, we take pride in having worked with a few prestigious multinationals and governments in many parts of the world. We have focused on building our depth of experience within a select group of industries. We know the competition and the challenges faced in these industries. We've solved similar problems for similar companies and can leverage our knowledge, best practices and past deliverables to deliver solutions that will remain relevant and valuable as business changes.

Consumer Products, Retail and Distribution (CPRD)

In working with consumer IT products, retail and distribution companies, we leverage existing information assets to drive sales growth across all channels, improve margins, maximize supply chain efficiency, and increase customer loyalty. We offer a comprehensive selection of services from strategy through solution implementation, focusing on the capabilities essential to transforming CPRD companies into "knowledge rich" and "information" based businesses.

Government Sector

Transforming an established government agency into a digital business is rarely a single project or solely a technology solution. Rather it involves a program of activities from business strategy through solution integration and measurement of result. KSG can help Federal, State and Local governments with the complex challenge of providing Knowledge building, Knowledge mining, Data Mining, Intelligent Software Products and digital services externally to constituents and internally to employees while complying with legislative and regulatory mandates.

Utilities and Energy Sector

We are experienced in helping utilities optimize their businesses to achieve faster growth, reduce costs and create stronger relationships with trading partners. Today, deregulation, re-regulation and consolidation are rapidly changing the utility industry. We can help utilities capitalize on the changing environment and reinvent themselves as the market leaders of tomorrow.

Technology Research

With our wealth of research into, Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Industrial Internet Of Things (IIOT), Information Engineering, Information Governance and Knowledge Engineering areas, KSG can help companies with research and development of their existing business processes. The results of this research can be then used to improve the productivity and operations by applying tailored software with built in intelligence.


KSG's principal focus is on business optimization (Process and KPIs). Our R&D team has been publishing process optimization related research in world's leading journals and conferences for about a decade now.

Financial Services

KSG has experienced professionals in all areas of finance, both front and back office, that spans wholesale and retail banking, asset management, insurance, exchanges and consulting. We understand how the pressures of cost reduction and business risk combined with the introduction of new industry initiatives may strain existing organizational and operational infrastructures. We offer services designed to address those concerns.

Company History

Sourav Kundu, graduated with a Masters in Design Computing from Sydney University, Australia and a Doctor of Engineering (Ph.D) in Mechanical Engineering from Tokyo Metropilitan University in Japan. He started his career with teaching and research in prestigious universities around the world, in Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence, Design Philosophy, Optimization and Business (among other subjects). After having worked in various full time or part time academic and research positions in Universities in Japan, Turkey, Singapore, India and USA, Sourav created KSG in 2002 with a vision of delivering world class competitive business intelligence, business technical and business advisory services. The company was incorporated in Japan in March 15th, 2002 and is owned by Dr. Sourav Kundu, as a majority holding in Japan and subsidiaries in other countries. KSG USA is however a fully independent partner.

President's Message

"On behalf of our team, I welcome you to KSG's website and wish you like what we have to offer.  We believe that each customer is unique and take pride in serving and adapting to our customer's business needs in any way we can. Our motto is "Determination to Deliver" and we stand by this motto when delivering our services - no exceptions. Please take a look around our site and do not hesitate to mail myself or our staff with any further questions."

Sourav Kundu, PhD