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Jim Hunter (Coach)

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Sourav Kundu, PhD
President and Chief Solution Architect, KSG Global

Sourav loves anything that is new and creative and has to do with Computers, Technology or Business. Because of this, he is still undecided whether art or technology suits him better and he continues to pursue both. He started with pursuing for a Masters in Design Computing at the University of Sydney, Australia and went on to complete a Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering (Control Engineering) from Tokyo Metropolitan University, Japan.

Since 1996, Sourav has taught courses in Computer Science, Mechanical Engineering, Creative Design, Artificial Intelligence, Theoretical Optimization, Structural and Engineering Optimization and Business at universities in Japan, USA, Turkey, Australia, Italy, France, The Netherlands, Germany, UK and India. He has created and maintained two of the most popular e-commerce enabled web sites for the world Bengali Community - Calcutta Online and Bengalnet Communications.

Sourav also has a lot of varied experience in computer programming and business consulting. He worked in Mastek Limited - a global IT services company as senior technical consultant for some time before starting off on his own. He is presently based at the Japan office of Knowledge Solutions Group and manages the Japan business while providing leadership to Global KSG. He also teaches part-time at Tokyo Metropolitan University to keep his academic roots alive.

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Jim Hunter (Coach)
CEO, Knowledge Solutions Group North America

Jim Hunter has spent his career managing global IT projects in Japan, Korea, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Micronesia, Philippines, France and the United States. With more than 25 years in the information technology industry, Jim has a wide range of experience including project management, strategic planning, business process improvement and development of business technology solutions.

Jim's 12-year public administration career with the United States Foreign Service Diplomatic Corps included several appointments in the Asia/Pacific region. He is a graduate of the U.S. Air Force Institute of Technologies and a graduate of the U.S. Federal Executive Institute's Public Administration program.

In addition to his public service, Jim has gained extensive knowledge and experience in the private sector. Jim successfully managed mission-critical projects in the petrochemical, entertainment, distribution/logistics, insurance and securities/investment banking industries.

After a 3-year stint (during 1997-2000) as the Senior Project Manager for an IT consulting company in Tokyo, Jim co-founded PM-Global. He was also a founding member of Stanford University's Advanced Project Management program in 1998, which has evolved into Stanford's current degree program. Jim has been a member of the international Project Management Institute (PMI) since 1989 and achieved the globally recognized Project Management Professional (PMP) certification in 1993.

Jim was appointed to the board of directors of Knowledge Solutions (KSG) Group Corporation in 2009. His long-standing alliance with Dr. Sourav Kundu, Founder and President of KSG has resulted in a network of business relationships with major global organizations in most industries including Telecommunications; Banking; Insurance; Financial Services; Information Technologies; Pharmaceuticals and Manufacturing.

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