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Welcome KSG Team

Welcome KSG Global Employees. This page was created to cater to your collaboration needs and to faciliate faster communication between staff members within your local area and around the world. We offer a variety of services for you including GEM, Sitemail, and downloads. Please take a look.

KSG Portal

Click Here to Access KSG Portal

KSG Web Distributed Authoring and Versioning (WebDAV)

Click Here to Access KSG Web DAV

Global Enterprise Management System (GEM)

GEM is KSG's Personl Login for Company Workers. Please ask your branch manager for username and password information.

Click Here to Access GEM

Using KSG´s core competency areas in Web Solutions, KSG has developed a key Web based Global Enterprise Management System. The GEMS package can be taken as a base and customized easily for your individual use and structure. This package can be easily hosted on any local Intranet Server or on a public server.

Features Inlude:

Enterprise Web Address Book System
Enterprise Event Planner System
Enterprise Worklist Management System
Global Web Document Management System
Lead Tracking System.

KSG Site E-mail for Company Employees

Sitemail is our corporate webmail which all employees need to link to have access to their emails. Username and Password can be obtained from your branch manager or e-mailing the KSG server team.

Click Here to Acces Sitemail

New Employee Information

For new employees to KSG we have some information that will be of use to you in your career at KSG. Please look at the following downloads and read the ones that apply to you.

Japanese Tax Handbook (eng) Official English version of the Japanese Income Tax Laws from the Tax office in Japan. A must read for foreign workers working in Tokyo.