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Our expertise in business assurance is diversified into a broad range of business fields. We assure that the business in each sector is not only successful, but we also provide improved service solutions for better business performance.  We help perform and maintain collective productivity in our clients growing needs. Our professionals have experience with a variety of platforms and are trained on the latest tools and procedures available to provide the assurance services your organization requires. The services we offer are an effective means for risk management as well as Sarbanes-Oxley Section 404 compliance. Our business assurance process often results in the identification of opportunities for improving process and reducing cost. It ensures the quality and reliability of your company’s IT system.

Service Areas

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What KSG Does

1. Business & IT Risk Analysis and Assessment of Internal Controls
Information Security Assessment:

  • Information threat and impact analysis
  • Identification of vulnerabilities
  • Security architecture assessment
  • Evaluation of controls and gap analysis
  • Design of the enterprise security architecture
  • Implementation of security strategies
  • Monitoring of incidents
  • Measurement of security key performance
  • Periodical audit

2. Information Risk Management (IRM)

  • Business Process Analysis
  • Systems Integration Controls
  • Package Specific Tools (such as SAP R/3, Oracle Financials, Siebel)

3. Sarbanes-Oxley Act. (IT SOX 404)

  • Certification of the accuracy of financial statements and disclosures.
  • Indication of significant changes in internal controls
  • Disclosing deficiencies in the design or operation of internalcontrols.
  • Attestation and reporting on management’s assessment of the internal controls and procedures
  • Reporting that controls and procedures for financial reporting and disclosure have been evaluated for effectiveness within the past 90 days.

4. IT Audit

  • Determination of whether systems meet regulatory compliance (such as COBIT, COSO, ITIL, IEEE 17799, BS 17799).

5. IT Performance

  • Metrics and Guidelines for IT performance
  • IT performance reviews


Knowledge Solutions Group have spent the past few years talking to clients who are either a small corporate or large global enterprises about the opportunities and challenges before them. We build a secure program that not only supports your organization but we address the entire breadth of knowledge to encompass the business direction your organization desires to reach. The key benefits we provide is to achieve a fine-tuned business objective through our experience and skills and to help you take the initiative of decisions and risks in the business objective you want to achieve. We guarantee an effective and efficient system of controls that will help lead a better and long lasting business environment.

1. Business & IT Risk Analysis And Assessment of Internal Controls

  • Reducing overall cost by getting information security right the first time.
  • Reducing the number of costly incidents to recover from.
  • Increasing revenue by securely harnessing the commercial potential of information technology.
  • Lowering the risk of damage to reputation.

2. Business Continuity Management

  • Efficient control procedures, which cost less to operate and reduce the costs of error correction
  • Reduced risk of value destruction through control failure
  • Increased benefit in integrated systems
  • Systems and processes to enable information technology opportunities

3. Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance (IT SOX 404)

  • Increased effectiveness of disclosure controls and procedures
  • Increased effectiveness of internal controls related to financial reporting
  • Gain of additional resources to complete all required documentations

4. IT Audit

  • Updated technical knowledge and the business experience required for this function.
  • Strengthened IT internal controls environment and thus, a stronger overall corporate governance framework.
  • Identification and management of financial and operational risks embedded in business systems.

5. IT Performance

  • Improved overall business performance.
  • Efficient business systems and processes.
  • Better understanding of the underlying controls.
  • Reduced risks associated with IT.
  • Effective utilization of organizational assets.

Please click here to view a pdf version of KSG's Corporate Brochure with more detailed information about our services. For more infomation about how KSG can assure the quality of your company please contact us by e-mailing and we will be able to setup up a free consultation appointment with one of our consultants.